Elevating Underwriting

Elevating Underwriting

Transform your business effectiveness and profitability by gaining insights earlier in the underwriting process. SubmissionIQ unlocks the power of data by enabling MGAs and carriers to digitize and standardize the unstructured and semi-structured data presented during the submission process, including loss runs. Underwriters can then use cleansed data to gain actionable insights that drive a deeper understanding of the individual and overall portfolio-level risks across their organization. Delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that integrates directly into the underwriting workflow, SubmissionIQ also enables submissions to be enriched with third-party data at critical decision-making points.

Customer Challenges

Time-consuming manual processes

Unstructured data

Incomplete and inaccurate data

Lack of data integrity

Third-party data integration

Inefficient broker communication

Inconsistent data skews risk

Recognizing the amount of transformation underwriters are experiencing in the commercial Property and Casualty (P&C) space, Two Sigma Insurance Quantified offers a high level of end-user support to ensure successful implementation.