Simplify the Underwriting Workflow and Amplify Talent

Teams invest a significant amount of time and energy processing information to get to the point of risk evaluation. Designed to improve team productivity and business performance, SubmissionIQ collects, organizes and enriches submissions, feeding the underwriting workflow with comprehensive risk and performance insights to prioritize and route submissions, review individual risks and proactively manage production.

The SubmissionIQ Workflow is Tuned for Scale

SubmissionIQ serves every underwriting team member, delivering a systematic way to ingest submissions, prioritize and assess risk – all in a single, collaborative environment.

Submission Ingestion

Extract relevant information from structured and unstructured submission documents

Data Enrichment

Curates data from third parties, internal sources and TSIQ to verify, augment or substitute submission data

Data Triage

Creates a data-rich experience to prepare a submission for analysis including confidence scores, broker interaction, and validation

Routing & Prioritization

Rules-based routing and decisioning helps manage the flow and surface high priority opportunities

Risk Analysis & Review

Underwriting team is able to spend time analyzing prepared risk data including digging into raw data, analytics

Performance Reporting

Portfolio-level insights provide a reliable picture of the pipeline, risk and exposure aggregation, distribution analytics, operational analytics

With SubmissionIQ at your fingertips, underwriting teams can:

  • Drive better risk selection
  • Improve speed to quote
  • Monitor your distribution performance
  • Attract and retain talent