Underwriting is a vital yet under-served function in the insurance technology stack...

On a daily basis, teams invest a significant amount of time and energy processing information to get to the point of risk evaluation. SubmissionIQ fills the gap. Designed to improve team productivity and business performance, the underwriting platform automates manual processes and creates real-time insight to power faster, more informed risk decisions.

The SubmissionIQ Workflow is tuned for scale

SubmissionIQ empowers underwriting teams with a systematic way to prioritize and assess risk that drives more profitable growth for the business.

Create actionable data in minutes

Extract relevant information from unstructured submission documents and create a predictable representation of every risk in the time it takes to forward an email.

Enrich data automatically

Native third party data integrations validate information, driving greater insight and confidence.

Analyze risk from every angle

Underwriters see a 360 degree view of the risk and can easily prioritize the right business opportunities.

Proactively manage performance

The platform aggregates submission data at the portfolio level, providing deep insight on pipeline and distribution performance.

With SubmissionIQ at your fingertips, underwriting teams can:

  • Drive better risk selection
  • Improve speed to quote
  • Monitor your distribution performance
  • Attract and retain talent