Customer Challenges

  • Slow growth/high expense and unknown risk due to lack of data visibility

  • Inconsistent and data limited underwriting decisions

  • Time consuming manual processes

Benefits of IQ Platform

Imagine having data at your fingertips that will increase your ability to evaluate risks. Or providing 10x faster responsiveness in underwriting and/or policy issuance.

Now there is the IQ Platform

A cloud first, integrated software platform designed specifically for underwriters to enhance their productivity, accurately assess and price risk and grow their business. The platform was built specifically to enable the application of data science to the entire insurance lifecycle. The IQ Platform automates manual tasks and streamlines access to internal and external data to improve visibility and operational efficiencies. Partnering with TSIQ experts we can customize the IQ Platform to solve your unique business challenges:

Bringing quote time down

Automating most of the decision making

Allowing visibility into all aspects of underwriting with rich data and analytics

Helping underwriters make smart, data driven decisions and evaluate complex risk

Enabling new products launches or product revisions to be implemented faster

Understanding aggregate risk across portfolio

Working with Two Sigma IQ to create new, innovative platform technology, we're achieving our mission of transforming the middle market commercial insurance experience. We look forward to continuing to innovate together as we deliver an experience to brokers and customers that is simple, transparent, and responsive.

Seraina Macia, CEO of Blackboard Insurance


Writing commercial P&C policies can often be inefficient due inconsistent and manual processes, data limitations and legacy technology bottlenecks. This makes it harder to understand the risks, shorten the quote to bind process and quickly develop new products to bring to market.

The IQ Platform is changing how the ecosystem works.

The IQ Platform automates the process, pulling in real time, trusted data based on market conditions and throughout key decision-making points. This single model cloud-based software brings visibility into all aspects of underwriting so you can make smart, data driven decisions. Because the IQ Platform captures data at a granular level, it enhances your ability to evaluate complex risk with rich data and analytics.

Customer Quote

We selected TSIQ as our innovation partner for their ambitious vision and their commitment to our mission. I have no doubt that the IQ Platform will help transform our business, position us for future growth, and enable our mission 'Safer Roads | Safer People.'

Jeremy Johnson, CEO of Protective Insurance

Who can benefit from the IQ Platform?

Decision makers who are looking for ways to streamline their processes, ensure accuracy and improve productivity and profitability. If you are looking to leverage data and insight to:

Automate your business

Make you faster

Enhance individual risk assessment

Make you more knowledgeable

Optimize your business

Manage more effectively

Adapt your offerings

Win in the market

Connect to the market

Secure more business