Insurance visionaries partnering with Two Sigma Insurance Quantified (TSIQ) will revolutionize the underwriting process.

Data Science is transforming industries and changing how we do business. Insurance companies that realize the value of data and how it can be harnessed to drive business decisions will be the leaders of tomorrow.

TSIQ is made up of multidisciplinary teams who work with visionary leaders who are open to new approaches and are determined to elevate the art of underwriting.

By capturing and analyzing internal information as well as third-party data sources, our platform can help underwriters make more accurate, informed decisions to drive efficiency, greater certainty, and improved profitability throughout their operations.

Why this makes a difference

We bring our deep pool of talent with proven experience in solving complex data problems to each customer.

We help you tackle challenges with diverse teams that view data from every angle. We’re curious problem solvers, intelligent disruptors and fresh thinkers. We’re staffed with unmatched experts, including:


To help you visualize your data and make your experiences intuitive


With extensive knowledge in building platform technology that scales with your business needs

Data Scientists

Who understand where data and modeling can be applied for new insights to ensure better decision-making and improved clarity into your portfolio aggregation

Insurance Experts

Domain experts who understand the insurance lifecycle process

Client Development Teams

That work with you to create a path for innovation, providing day-to-day support needs

Product Managers

Who help bring functionality to life to enhance your productivity and elevate the art of underwriting

Our teams help you figure it out, solving your biggest challenges and helping you develop strategies so you can bring your unique value to the marketplace and truly drive transformational change.


We believe underwriting is the heart of an insurance company, which is why we are building a platform that is centered around increasing innovation and profitability in underwriting.

We’re uniquely positioned to bring proven solutions to this space because TSIQ excels at assessing and managing risk portfolios using technology and data.

As an underwriting-first platform, the IQ Platform drives profitability by elevating insurance underwriting from an inefficient administrative assembly line to a world where technology automates low-value tasks and helps streamline underwriting decisions — enabling the underwriter to handle more complex risks faster and better by leveraging data science, modeling and analytics.

With underwriting at the center, Insurance Quantified Platform branches out and connects the underwriting function to the other parts of a carrier’s operations. the IQ Platform uniquely serves as an optimized source of truth for live policy data and third-party data, and is the decisioning framework for additional processes and functionality within the insurance value chain. That singular collection of operational data combined with the IQ Platform’s analytics capabilities provides insights back into the underwriting process which enables further efficiencies, better risk selection and faster time to market.